Wax Fresh UK

Wax Fresh is an ergonomically designed surfboard wax remover made from recycled plastic that is easy to use and is the first dedicated surf wax removal tool rather than part scraper, part comb, part bottle opener etc

Treat your board by cleaning off that old wax and giving it a new coat for a fresh feel and stronger hold under your feet.

How Wax Fresh Began

The idea of Wax Fresh began in Australia, when two lifelong friends and avid surfers, Gareth Malys and Dylan Hannah were getting ready to go surfing.

As they sat on the beach, Gareth was removing wax from his board using a traditional wax comb.

As Dyl observed, the two began a conversation as to how difficult it was to remove wax using the traditional comb.

Apart from the comb being uncomfortable to hold, it would also take a long time to remove the wax and could never completely remove wax from board impressions.

Then, the idea arose….

Surely there has to be an easier, quicker and more effective way to remove wax.

Introducing Wax Fresh

Over the next few months, Gareth and Dyl designed and developed a new age wax remover. Wax Fresh is designed in a way that is held comfortably in the palm of your hand and with not much pressure needing to be applied to remove wax. Different to a traditional comb, the Wax Fresh can be used in any direction; up, down, side to side or in a circular motion.

Due to its modern design, it can easily remove wax from board impressions and dings. Wax Fresh is so easy to use, even our little grommets can remove wax with ease. Your board can be completely wax-free within 60 seconds!