September 2012: Announcing a range of candles for Londoners... the Thames Bestiary. These correspond to four fascinating areas bordering on the River Thames which seem to have Animal Spirits of Goat, Lion, Bull and Scorpion. The ingredients are based on the historic oils of the areas. More details in the Shop.

October 2012: It's harvest festival time, and as the local grapes are still being picked (the Sussex Downs here are like the french Champagne area), I thought it was about time there was a grape candle. Well, grapeseed oil is plentiful enough. The main problem is that the red colouring from grape pomace (the leftovers after the juice has been pressed) is Anthocyanin which is only water soluble. So I had to use an emulsifier to make it oil-dispersible. None of the usual emulsifiers worked. So I had to develop my own. Which I did, and it works, and it's natural. It's not perfect though in that there are still bits of grape in the candle and a little residue. But then you just use a bigger wick. There will be photos on soon. The usual Raw Colour prices apply. The candles will be available in a local vineyard soon.

November 2012: Come and buy the candles at the Brighton Craft Fair, Friends Meeting House, 11am to 5pm.

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