Introducing Essential Aromatic Waxes. 

These are top quality natural solid fragrances for use as room diffusers and candles. The wax is blended from natural ingredients including Essential Oils, plant infusions and extracts. The wax can go directly into an electrical diffuser or an oil burner. Or into making luxury candles- quickly and easily, and just like the market leader's. Chose from fifty fragrance notes and accords including florals, fruits, orientals, herbals, woods and even city smells. These can be combined (or 'layered') to make classic perfumes or custom fragrances.

Recent spray fragrances use very little plant materials- for instance "notes of oakmoss" now means synthetic methyl 2,4-dihydroxy-3,6-dimethylbenzoate. The Perfume Police ( deem it illegal to use many naturals in spray perfumes so we are pleased to offer them in solid fragrances. IFRA has made the big perfume houses split most Naturals into constituent safer but mostly synthetic aromachemicals. That may sound daft but it means that where a plant essence is unavailable or too expensive like Jasmin and Rose, we can pick and mix those natural aromachemicals to recreate it at least partially.

The plant infusions include alfalfa (for cut grass), beetroot (in the Dirt accord), blackcurrant (leaves and fruit complete with tomcat note to replace Cassis Absolute), bladderwrack (for a sea accord), bluebell, catnip (yes cats have needs as well), coffee (used in city accords), dandelion, elecampane, gorse, grape, hawthorn, lovage, oak & oakmoss, pine, truffle (for a musk accord), and valerian. Besides making infusions we make distillations and grind seeds and nuts down to oil. We are looking for other people to do this from their local plants and seeds, such as gorse and bluebell so Essential Waxes can be both local and global.

There are lots of tree & shrub notes which allows practically any place in europe to be recreated olfactorily (including the obligatory Cote d'Azur, and its English equivalent). Even a Celtic (Ogham tree) calendar can be created. The City smells are great and not nauseous, including Fuel Stop, Underground, and Sweat shop. These are still naturals though it would have been so much easier to use synthetics. The recent Scent Of Departures fragrance line of nice City smells can now be recalled more realistically and so can all the smaller cities (please check out our Brighton candles). Other perfume houses we love and try to emulate -not copy- are L'Artisan Perfumier, Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, Diptyque, and Lush.

The Essential Waxes are made of top quality beeswax which happens to be local. Beeswax has a fabulous lingering sweet base note. Sometimes this note is muted by using white beeswax. The initial aroma or top note has to be louder in comparison to standard fragrances to compensate for the strong base note. Beeswax is the best wax to bind the maximum amount of Essential Oils or natural aromachemicals with plant infusions. The Essential Waxes are made in Sussex by WaxFresh- the same business that reintroduced natural colouring to natural candles. The problem with artificial colourings is similar to the Natural or Artificial Fragrance debate- by forgoing Naturals the eye (or nose- OK brain then) is perplexed by the single frequency artificial notes.

The Essential waxes are supplied in a box of 28 chocolate-type chips costing £18 on Amazon or the Shop here. These chips can go straight into an electric diffuser (including those £2 USB coffee mug warmers- which can let you use your smartphone to turn on a fragrance!) or on water in a candle type burner or just onto a hot radiator in a suitable container. Candles are quick and easy to make- pop 7 chips into a votive type glass holder (available from supermarkets) top up with Sunflower oil, heat in a microwave oven, pop in the supplied wick, et viola! That's four Diptyque style 75gm candles for a quarter of the price.

There is a choice of 50 accords. And you can also request half of one accord and half of another. For instance to recreate Diptyque's popular Baies, you request half each of Blackcurrant and Rose. Diptyque suggest pairings including Opoponax & Maquis. To recreate L'Artisan Perfumier's Riviera request Riviera & Mimosa. Lush do a great inexpensive solid fragrances, so we are delighted just to offer Lush-type candle kits: Karma is Orange & Patchouli, Lust is Jasmine & Rose, Dirty is Mint & Seaweed, Vanilliary is Vanilla & Jasmine, and Goathorn/Furze is Seaweed & Gorse.

The accords include-
Fruity: Apple, Blackcurrant, Fig, Orange, Quince.
Floral: Bluebell, Gorse, Hawthorn, Hyacinth, Jasmin, Lilac, Lily of the Valley, Mimosa, Rose.
Oriental: Amber, Opoponax, Patchouli, Vanilla.
Herbal: Absinthe, Anise, Cut Grass, Dirt, Lavender, Mint, Seaweed.
Woody: Chypre, Fougere, Musk, Oakmoss, Alder, Ash, Birch, Cypress, Fir, vine, Hazel, Holly, Ivy, Oak, Rowan, Willow; Riviera, New Forest.
City: Basement, Coffee Shop, Fuel Stop, Kebab Stall, Sweat-Shop, Underground, Wine Bar.

And Introducing Plant Infusions- at the heart of Essential Wax

Plant infusions are an important part of Natural Perfumery. We make them by infusing the plant material in a vegetable oil (normally sunflower) with sufficient heat (under 100C) to obtain its true essence without damage from distillation or contamination from solvents. The process is repeated at least 3 times to obtain the most from the plant, and in practice this should be about half the strength of the essential oil. The plants are as local as possible.

Fruity (made from the fruit)-
Blackcurrant (leaves and fruit complete with obligatory whiff of tomcat)
Coffee (from coffee grounds)
Medlar (Delicious Rottenness. includes a little natural emulsifier)
Truffle (White aestivum truffle from Somerset- good as a musk note)

Dandelion (root & leaves)
Gorse (bark)
Hawthorn (berries & leaves)
Marigold (flowers)
Rosehip (fruit)

Herbal (made from the leaf, seed, bark, or root)-
Bladderwrack (sussex seaweed)
Cut grass (alfalfa)

Woody (made from the leaf, resin, seed, or bark)-
Alder, Ash, Birch, Fir, Vine, Hazel,
Holly, Ivy, Oak, Pine, Rowan, Willow

4 sample 5gm infusions from the above are available from the Shop for £18.

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