WaxFresh makes Real Candles!
From natural, local & organic waxes with
organic natural plant dyes.


WaxFresh creates fresh, vibrant, organic candles from the fat of the land. Nothing is artificial or synthetic. All is real, fresh and natural including the oils, waxes, natural candle dyes, and essential oils- and is as local as possible. We are based on a Sussex South Downs farm and we use oilseeds from local farms including rapeseed, sunflower and linseed. These are pressed by us at harvest time and turned into oil. We also use local beeswax, organic South Downs lamb tallow and Italian Olive Oil. Thus we make extraordinary olive oil candles, tallow candles, rapeseed candles, sunflower candles, linseed candles, hemp candles, and woad candles.

What We Offer

If you want more than artificial supermarket candles, or better value than premium brands then you have come to the right place. What about a candle making kit if you fancy making your own local candles?

See us at the Brighton Festival on May 2012 weekends (details on Facebook and please Like us to get special offers). Visit the Shop, visit the Google Plus page, or get the iPhone app (Android compatible).

We are also pleased to work with businesses who want to offer or improve their candles. We offer unique natural organic candle dyes, and with help from our aromatherapist we can offer bespoke natural fragrances. Farmers! We love you! Let us show you how to turn your oilseed into valuable local candles instead of shameful biofuel!

Container candles
Votive candles
Pillar candles
Raw Colour
Craft Kits

The Drum Barn, Applesham Farm, Lancing, Sussex | 01273 808686


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